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The United South African Neonatal Association (USANA) was formed as a subgroup of the South African Paediatric Association to promote and facilitate collaboration between neonatal services in South Africa.

Key objectives include promoting the use of best-care practices that are evidence-based as far as possible and the establishing of communications between neonatal care givers in South Africa.

Additional objectives include the upholding of the rights of neonates by advocating and promoting the delivery of effective and safe perinatal and neonatal services to newborn infants according to the African Charter on the rights and Welfare of the Child (1999) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

Executive Committee

Executive committee and special projects representatives
Term 1st April 2014 –  31st March 2016


Executive committee Name Email
President Prof Alan Horn alan.horn@uct.ac.za
Vice-president Prof Michael Harrision m.harrison@uct.ac.za
Secretary Dr Adrie Bekker adrie@sun.ac.za
Treasurer Dr Yaseen Joolay yaseen.joolay@uct.ac.za
Conference Chair Dr Radhika Singh
Special projects representatives
Retinopathy Task Team Dr Radhika Singh Singhr2@ukzn.ac.za
HIV liason Dr Max Kroon Mkroon@pgwc.gov.za