Reviews for Public Comment

International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)
Continuous Evidence Evaluation (CEE) and Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTRs)

The following ILCOR draft CoSTR statements (with associated Evidence to Decision Tables) have been posted at for public comment:

Cord Management at Birth for Preterm Infants: NLS 5051 Task Force Systematic Review (Link)

Effect of Rewarming Rate on Outcomes for Newborns who are Unintentionally Hypothermic after Delivery: NLS 5700 Task Force Systematic Review (Link)

Therapeutic Hypothermia in Limited Resource Settings: NLS 5701 Task Force Systematic Review (Link)

Please provide comments and notify colleagues and other relevant professional organisations in the region who may be interested in providing comments and suggestions via the ILCOR website link above.